Anny Who is a conceptual lifestyle brand with fresh and unconventional design for all ages. Each collection has a theme that is inspired by our zeitgeist which reflects in colors, details and unique prints. Carefully selected eco-friendly materials and a sustainable production are two of the most important aspects. The designs always reflect seasonal themes, without being tied to much to short-life fashion trends: the conceptual character and the complementarity of the range make Anny Who an independent label, that interprets trends in its own way and thus creates its own concept-world that has the ability to inspire everyone - young and old.

Anny Who was founded in late 2013 by Anna Wetzel and Anne Wendlandt. The label, which started out as a project between two good friends has gained popularity in just a few months and keeps growing steadily. Anny Who products can be purchased online as well as through selected retailers throughout Europe and Australia.

Anne Wendlandt loves making music and riding her bike She has a degree in Communication Design and started her own label enna 13 years ago, formerly with her own brick & mortar shop. Previously, she spent some time in the U.S. and has gained some experience in Hamburg‘s advertising world.

Anna Wetzel has a degree in fashion design and has spent a couple of years working for a major fashion company. Before that, she explored different areas of the fashion industry, in a variety of cities. Due to her Danish roots, she is still most attached to Scandinavian design and the city of Copenhagen.